Many thanks Susanne! Our son (recently turned 3 years old) was never a talented sleeper, but now that he was struggling with nightmares for a long time, we sought help from Susanne. And really, we now have a champion who sleeps through the night and no longer suffers from nightmares! – Anne & Machiel

With the recent explosive growth of sleep coaches, we are so grateful that we found the right one. The journey with Susanne has brought us more than we dared to hope. Our little one just sleeps all night without us having to get up, and the good thing is that it wasn’t a method that went against our own principles (so still with lots of love, acknowledgment of your child’s needs). Together we looked at what suited our daughter Bodi the best and we really felt taken by the hand. With the help of daily coaching we got to know our daughter better, understand her needs better and we also learned a lot about sleep (which, despite the fact that we had already read many books, was still a lot!). We now feel that we have laid a solid foundation in terms of sleeping patterns, and also understand much better what to pay attention to (and those are not just the simple sleep signals you find in the books and guides). All in all, the process has offered us tremendous added value. We will hopefully be able to continue to use this for the upcoming years, otherwise we will definitely ring you again if our daughters sleep deteriorates in a later stage. Many thanks dear Susanne, you are a true professional, customization pur sang and the many years of experience are very noticeable. In the proliferation of coaches, Susanne is definitely the best. ¬†Many thanks! – Tielke & Tom

Some friends recommended me Susanne, as we had some sleeping issue with our son who turned 1 year old at that time we decided to reach her. We really enjoyed working with Susanne! She understood directly what we needed to do to help our son to sleep better! We really liked her frankness and the way she was always giving good and right feedbacks! And I can tell, our son learned how to fall asleep on his own and sleep through the night thanks to Susanne! ūüôŹ Thank you again for everything! – Camille & Fouad

After 6 months of having restless nights and waking every two hours, we called The Sleep Agency. Jorinde helped us wonderfully with a tailor-made sleeping plan. We started completely prepared and empowered. And yes, after a few days, our little one finally slept through the night. Now, we are all rested, naps are going well and we have no crying or stress at bedtime. I can recommend The Sleep Agency to anyone who would like to sleep through the night.  РKamila & Jesse

After six months of hassle ans sleepless nights, we couldn’t wait to start the sleep coaching program and sleep a few consecutive hours.. We were a bit hesitant because what can you expect? It have been tough weeks but we quickly noticed an improvement. Teething and vaccinations caused the process to take a bit longer than expected, but yes, we now we also have a baby who sleeps through the night. We could never have done this without help. We finally have the eveningsto ourselves and nights to sleep well. Thank you very much Susanne! Luzet & Lenard¬†

After eight months of very, very little sleep, we desperately started the sleep coaching trajectory with Jorinde. Our daughter is a very alert baby, not capable of falling asleep on her own which resulted in nights of rocking, walking and days filled with disaster naps. The coaching was intensive yet super positive. Jorinde was very supportive along the way and all of our doubts and questions were discussed. And we are so happy with the result!!!!! We are all sleeping :)! Now, two months later we see our girl Kiki even getting better at sleeping. She is still very alert, but nowadays we can say she also sleeps like a baby. We are very happy that we started can and recommend it to everyone who is (over) tired. – Marije & Jasper

The sleep coaching has exceeded our expectations. We were somewhat skeptical at the beginning, but we experienced ourselves how successful and pleasant Jorinde’s coaching was. As parents we now knew how to respond in a consistent and loving way. For our son it created clarity and predictability. Hence, everyone in our family sleeps better! – Carlijn & Boy

Thanks to Susanne’s advises and encouragement, in a few days our son Antoine stopped to wake up 5 times per night. The first 3 days can be hard after months of sleepless nights but the result is worth the (short) effort. The key to success for us: schedule, schedule, schedule! – Many thanks Susanne for your coaching! – Flore & Gabriel

After months of driving and walking around for hours with Sam, we couldn’t wait to start sleep coaching. From day one we saw results and this continued! We were so happy to be able to tackle our son’s sleep problems without a mega upset child, which was the case at all our own previous attempts. Within two weeks, Sam was sleeping independently in his own bed and slept through the nights too. We really liked Susanne’s daily feedback and her positive attitude! She is easy to approach and she evidently has a lot of experience with this target group. Now, a few months later, our son is still sleeping really well. In the event of a small setback, we revert back to Susanne’s tools and information. Thanks for your help, we’re still so happy with it! – St√©phanie & Chris

Many thanks again for your (mental) support, Susanne! It is really great how Sam picks up everything, sleeps so well now. We have learned a great deal! – Evelijn & Ralf

Thanks to the coaching, everyone in our family finally enjoys a good night’s sleep, something we no longer believed in prior to the process. Sil woke up at least five times a night since birth and it took him a long time to get back to sleep. When he was two, we gave up our own attempts to put him to sleep and took him into our bed, but that didn’t improve the situation. When we started coaching with Jorinde, it became clear that Sil was not getting enough sleep and was clearly overtired. Thanks to a new sleep schedule, the method that Jorinde applies and daily coaching, we managed to break the vicious circle without Sil having to cry for too long. Jorinde gives clear directions, is patient and listens well. Where we as parents sometimes disagreed, she managed to point us in the right direction with clear instructions understanding our differences and obstacles. Added value to be able to do this together with Jorinde! Marieke & Rutger

Jorinde has helped us so much in solving our youngest son Benjamin’s sleep issues. Thanks to her help, Benjamin learned how to sleep through the night himself in a very short matter of time: he went from waking up several times at night in combination with hours of conistent crying to (barely) to no needing our help to sleep through the night. In addition to the advice on the method, the daily contact and encouragement were of great value to us: Jorinde confirmed that we were on the right track and making progress even after encountering a small setback. We are very happy we chose The Sleep Agency and for coach Jorinde who guided and helped us in the best possible way! – Barbara & Xander

Cato is a sweet, happy yet tempered baby. She clearly shows what she wants and doesn’t want. Also at night. She started waking up more and more at night, usually between three and ten times. At some point she could only be comforted with a pacifier or bottle. Days where shattered as well,¬† she napped half an hour naps only. Also called: Cato’s half hour. Tips from fellow parents, books, schedules from the children’s healthcare centre, sleep / shush methods, white noise, we tried everything without luck. We were so tired. When Cato was almost 6 months old, we started the sleep coaching program with Jorinde. Best decision ever to start working with a professional! A tailor-made schedule was what we needed. Tips, helpful, constructive feedback, on a daily basis. After one week only she slept through the night from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. This was the first time ever. Cato is now 8 months old and continues to sleep very well at night. Naps are still variable, but has improved majorly. We now know what to do which is priceless. We are so happy that Jorinde helped us out. We have become a really happy family! – Anna & Maarten

Although we loved co-sleeping / bedsharing with our son, our nights were super restless and we didn’t sleep well. Our son couldn’t sleep on his own,¬† elsewhere, longer than 45 minutes in a row let alone without his milk bottle. After three weeks of intensive coaching with Jorinde we’ve entered a whole new world: our son sleeps through the night most of the time, can play and sleep hours on his own and sleeps wherever we want! Two months ago I could only dream of family getaways and now we take trips almost every weekend. I am so happy we decided to ask for help, we added so much more peace and sleep to our lives. We would not have succeeded without Jorinde. And even after rounding up coaching, she was still available for questions. – Leon & Dagmar

In the beginning of July I called Susanne saying ‚ÄúI need you!‚ÄĚ. We had tried everything for our 9 month old. He only napped in the stroller and for 30 minutes max and as a result we suffered from broken nights for months. Our first meeting with Jorinde immediately felt good. Within a few days our son went from 0 to 3 naps during a day in his own bed! We quickly saw positive changes in him and important for us: we became increasingly aware of what is important to him. At times we were a bit lost but Jorinde made us pull through. In those three weeks we made a lot of progress. Jorinde, thank you very much for everything! We hope you will be able to help many more children! Boy & Esther

We had a really good experience with sleep coaching. We have waited for Rafael to be 5 months old to start, as sleep was an issue since he was born. We have introduced sleep routine and carefully clocked the wakeful time windows before, but he was still falling asleep on us and needed the carrier during the day. Sleep coaching with Loes gave us the confidence and the accountability needed to see the process from start to end. To our surprise, Rafael had learned to fall asleep by himself after the first night and continues to make improvements up to this day. After just a few weeks he is now falling asleep by himself, without us sitting next to him and his sleep have improved. Thank you Loes! – Shoshan & Davide

Of course we started hopeful, but also with slight hesitation because we had basically tried everything. Sleep coaching really exceeded our expectations, we have seen a day and night difference in Lina’s sleep! Since day one our daughter hasn’t slept in our bed anymore, a huge victory for us. After one week we only had to comfort her once or twice a night. She has really learned how to sleep! She is happier han before and developing more rapidly as well. This trajectory has boosted our self-confidence a great deal. Jorinde told us that she loves that her work helps parents brighten their day again. That’s exactly how we feel. What a joy to feel rested again! Frits & Babette

Our experience is super positive. The approach suited us well and the coaching by Jorinde was very pleasant, positive and warm. From the first moment it felt good and we started quite confident. It was truly beyond expectations: in terms of results (never dared to hope that our girl would learn how to fall so quickly ) and approach. We did not feel unloving, we felt supported by the idea that we were going to do it together, very motivating, warm and clear. Where Juune used to be tired and therefore often fussy and unhappy, she finally became her happy self again. It has had such a positive effect on our whole family! – Jiska & Bart

We look back on an intensive journey which we would not have managed to get through without Jorinde’s help. Susanne’s book provides clear guidelines but because we were so insecure (you will become so when your baby eats and sleeps poorly) we really needed one on one support. Jorinde coached us through the difficult days (especially the first 2 weeks were tough), giving us confidence, which we desperately needed at times. We had high hopes, but sometimes the uncertainty predominated (would this work for Evalie as well?). We are so happy that we went through with it! We finally sleep again – such a huge difference – and we enjoy our little girl so much more! Thank you dear Jorinde! – Jo√ęl & Leonie

I have to say this is one of the heaviest things we have done for our child. You have to be persistent but it really works! After three months without any proper sleep during the night, we decided to ask for help. After a nice conversation with Susanne we were linked to our coach Jorinde. Our 14 month old daughter refused to sleep in her bed for naps. We always had to take her for a car ride or stroll which was fine for us because the nights were OK. But unfortunately, nights were starting to deteriorate and Sasha woke up more and more. At one point she was screaming for three hours at night and bedtime took us two hours . How did we end up here? The sleep deprivation was really affecting our daily lives so we desperately needed this. After more than two weeks our daughter slept in her own bed twice a day and at night 11-12 hours uninterrupted. We are very grateful to Jorinde. Everytime I close the door of her bedroom she stays silent and I am dancing in the hallway, it makes me so happy! I was  sceptical af first but it is the best investment for your child (and yourself). РNoor & Roland

We were all looking for structure and less stress with reference to our daughter Julia’s sleep and we at first didn’t recognise that we were the ones who could provide this for her. When your child is sad you just want to comfort her. Offering structure in a loving way was necessary and that’s what really helped us. Sometimes you just need a bit of help in finding the solution and the right answers. Thank you Faye. You really made this change! – Maya & Rolf

Faye has been a true sleep doctor! With her professional advice and tips our 6 month year Lukas old slept in his own bed since day one of sleep coaching. During the three weeks of coaching Faye coached us, she taught us to be true experts ourselves. We are so grateful for her help! – Deborah & Luuk

If only we would have done this earlier. After 9 months of sleepless nights with and after having tried all kind of methods, we were basically hopeless. Friends of us recommended to start sleep coaching. At first we were a bit skeptical but after 5 days only our daughter slept through the night: 12 consecutive hours. Amazing for us but clearly also for her. She grows better now, is happier and develops quicker. We think it’s a must for all parents. Jorinde is professional, positive, empathetic and a warm person. Without making us feel like a failure, she taught us very valuable lessons. ‚Äď Hugo & Charlotte

We asked The Sleep Agency for help with our terribly bad sleeping 1,5 year old. We had tried everything but nothing seemed to work. I was not sure if a sleep coach could make a difference and besides, we do not ask for help so easily. However, we started with an open mind and we were rewarded: after two weeks our son slept through the night. We defintely should have done this earlier. Jorinde provided us with a custom made plan of action, working for the whole family. Off course we had to do it ourselves and we had to pursue but Jorinde supported us in a pleasant way. It is a must for parents with bad sleeping children! ‚Äď Ilse & Pieter Bas

Finally, we have created a well balanced routine for our family. We are able to spend more time together and we now enjoy every minute with our baby. Our son didn’t sleep stretches longer than 45-90 minutes during the night. During the day he didn’t sleep at all. The only things that worked was rocking him, holding him, taking him for a walk or ride. I couldn’t remember how it felt to sleep for a few consecutive hours. I was not happy at all and being a mother was difficult. The atmosphere was tense and everything evolved around sleep. I realised we needed help but I found it difficult to reach out. My husband was sceptical about sleepcoaching. “Shouldn’t we be able to solve this ourselves? Are we going to spend more money on something that will not work?” We are so happy we did it! After a good initial consult we were both 100% motivated. Jorinde gave us confidence and the feeling we didn’t fail as parents. It took a while and it asked a lot from us, but after a couple of weeks our child slept through the night and started to sleep during the day as well. He actually started liking to go to bed, something we couldn’t believe. Our helpless and overtired baby changed into a happy and energetic little boy. I can’t believe how much this changed our lives! Jorinde was there for us every day, with appropriate advice. She is professional, positive and very patient. We are so greatful dear Jorinde. – Emma Sophie & Jan Jaap

Our 18 months old twins woke up at 5 am every morning. Because we also have a three year old we felt exhausted and even more important: the girls were also very tired. This resulted in a lot of crying. We tried all kind of methods ourselves but nothing worked. At one point we accepted that this was our live now. But then we heard promising stories about sleep coaching and we decided to go for it. Jorinde was there for us every day. She took a close look into the sleep rhythm of our twins and made a sleep plan for us. I would have given up after two days but Jorinde gave us the confidence we needed to go on. And with success! After a week and a half they woke up at 6:45 am every day and their nap was extended by a full hour. We see two happy girls who can put all their energy in growing. We would definitely recommend sleep coaching by The Sleep Agency! – Hessel en Wieske

A huge thanks to Susanne. She is truly a lifesaver. After 4 months with minimal sleep, our daughter now sleeps through the night, 12 hours or more straight. Naptime is going smoothly. Bedtime is a pleasure. The theory and the daily feedback from Susanne really helped us. We have become a wellrested and happy family again. – Maiken & Jens (Denmark)

Susanne saved us from sleep hell! The whole family can sleep again and our little son Niklas learned finally how to sleep. Thank you Susanne! – Anna & Tim

Many thanks for your help Susanne! Our 18-months boy Kian was addicted to the milk bottle and needed it to fall asleep at night, for his naps as well as when he woke up at least once every night…. we couldn’t get him to sleep on his own without using this milk bottle…. then Susanne came and with her vast experience with similar cases, her “theoretical” knowledge about how sleeping works for babies, she really helped us solve the situation in a few days… believe it or not!¬†The method is very simple, intuitive even if sometimes challenging but it is definitely life-changing. Many thanks Susanne and all the best for you and your family (and all the families you will save in the future). Best regards from Zurich – Dale & Steffy

Susanne changed our lives ! Our daughter Ninon, 2 years old, sleeps finally all night long, after two years of terrible nights and naps. Susanne is so kind and competent. We strongly recommend The Sleep Agency. We still don’t believe it’s true…THANK YOU Susanne for all, you fulfill your mission perfectly ! – Laure & Vincent (France)

Lucy slept really poor for over two years; She was awake a lot at night, sometimes every hour. She needed some water, help finding her paci or blanket and she wanted some music. After two weeks of training, Lucy now sleeps just as good as her big brother. Through the schedules and coaching we got a much better picture of what our daughter needs and which schedule suits her best. Because of her improved sleep she has become much happier and makes great leaps in her mental and physical development. It has been very useful and we’re very happy with your help. – Pauline & Martijn

With a 3rd child, you think you’d know how to let a baby sleep? Then you know that it will be ok some day, right? But after having tried everything we were broken after 20 months of broken nights. My partner shouted: “something MUST happen now.” All instances basically let you go. Cry it out, is the advice. Well NO, that’s not the way I want it. Then I found the Sleep Agency and the testimonials made me feel good. We found Susanne to be understanding using a very personal approach. Especially all the background information about sleep was an eye opener for me. We started working on Beau’s sleep immediately, and soon we saw results. You really teach your child something very important! And when there was a big dip, I could briefly and happily turn to Susanne for advice. That’s engagement! I’m not going to say it’s a miracle because children grow, get sick and can have temperament. But for 95% we have a good night’s sleep and Beau just loves his bed! And also, when a relapse occurs due to illness, I have the tools to make sure that he is going back to sleep like before. – Anne & Alexander

After 7 months of broken nights with¬†our son Simon knowing that our daughter took¬†2.5 years before she started to sleep consistently, we decided to turn Susanne for¬†help. That turned out to be the best decision in times. Within three days our evenings¬†were quieter and nights improved. It was very reassurancing¬†to know that we were helping our son to learn this sleep skill with our help and in our presence. In addition, we were allowed to feed him at night which was a relief for us. Within one to two weeks he slept consistently from 6.00 / 6.30 pm to 6.00 / 6.30 am with a dreamfeed¬†at 10 pm. Naps were getting better every day becausewe knew better how long his windows were and that proved to be very helpful to him.¬†The other day he was ill and we noticed a huge difference: he was sleeping almost all day! In short, we are extremely happy and satisfied with Susanne’s help and recommend it to everyone. It’s worth every penny! – Loes & Vincent

Susanne’s approach is very effective! It is quite the¬†investment as a parent in a new approach, but thanks to the daily coaching you both stay consistent! Susanne is very accurate, consistent and keeps you on track. An important backing if you are to too tired to be effective. Our 16-month Joep son could, without persistent crying or getting upset, learn to fall asleep. In a loving way. After a couple of weeks bedtime was no longer an issue and we had our evenings back! Highly recommended! – Ruud & Catelijne

The sleep coaching was amazing. Finally, we had answers to our questions and clarity about what actions we needed to take in a particular situation. The first 9 months we wrestled with her sleep Рshe was very restless, cried a lot and hard in the middle of the night and drank 2 bottles of milk during those hours Рand now we simply know what to do. Also in the future. And Janne sleeps like a baby! We can recommend it to anyone !! РCaroline & Nils

Our daughter Zahra was severely overtired, a little girl of almost 3 years walking around the house with blue circles under her eyes being so so tired. Zahra is hypersensitive and has had sleep problems since birth. Before we started coaching she only slept 9 hours total and not even straight but with several night wakenings. Because she was so tired she did not know what to do with herself during the day and was often crying, had huge temper tantrums and was aggressive towards us and her little sister. The whole family was tired because we didn’t sleep for more than 3 hours straight during the night and had to struggle with Zahra throughout the day. We tried everything and sought professional help but nothing really helped. Susanne was really our last hope as we told her when she came to us for the intake, the bar was high but Susanne was determined. It was not easy to put it mildly, where normally after two or three weeks the results are clearly visible, Zahra still fought her battle. We did not give up, Susanne continued to motivate me, gave options and right at times I thought I would go crazy and thought this really was not going to work, she would send me a message in which she completely understood me without having to say anything. We continued consistently, Susanne was very involved, and after the coaching ended, we received a regular message. I continued to hold on to the coaching and it things kept improving. Never expected it but we pushed her fatigue back by driving by car to let Zahra nap and consistently coach her at night. Zahra now sleeps all night, goes to bed without any fight (!) and waits in the morning until her wake up light comes on. She turned into a very happy and loving girl. We also sleep trained her little sister, she slept through the night after just one week! We are rested and enjoy each other as a family and that is priceless. Thank you very much sweet Susanne! РAmbar & Fahrid

We have experienced the coaching as tremendously helpful and are very glad we did it. When I hear the other mothers here in Myanmar struggle with their baby’s sleep, I can only recommend it to them. It gives so much more peace¬†and the days with your child are also much more fun if you do not have to spend the night struggling with sleep. It wasn’t always easy and it took us a little longer before we had the desired result, due to illness and holiday, but now we are where we want to be. Good nights of sleep, for both Jillis and us. A rested and happy child during the day. And no longer having to deal with your child’s sleep problems. Amazing!!! – Josta & Ren√©

Susanne helped us very well, she is very clear in her explanation, sometimes a bit strict on the consistency, exactly what we needed! Gijs cat napped during the day and at very irregular times. In the evening he went to bed fairly late, often falling sleeping at the bottle or being rocked. At night he was restless and woke up a lot. Gijs now has a clear sleep rhythm and sleeps a lot more during the day. In the evening he goes to bed at 6.30 pm after the last bottle, but still awake. He falls asleep and sleeps until 7 o’clock in the morning. Zzzzzzz … Many¬†thanks! From Singapore, the coaching went smoothly and it was nice to be able to keep the conversations in Dutch so we were not lost in translation. We should have¬†contacted Susanne a lot sooner! – Ruth & Bas

Susanne is knowledgeable, compassionate and, perhaps most importantly, an experience expert who understands exactly what you are doing. The coaching is hands on, involved and you feel supported in this sometimes difficult and uncertain process. It is not a one size fits all, and that makes it very nice because as a team we looked at the changes we could make to let¬†Bette’s confidence in her own ability grow and become a real sleepyhead. – Janne & Koos

Before we started coaching, Max slept very poorly, both day and night. He didn’t sleep enough hours¬†and was also regularly awake. He only slept when breastfed and lying in bed with us. The coaching was very pleasant; we had a clear plan to start the program with and felt supported by the daily feedback. Especially, we were happy to see clear result within a relatively short time, which definitely motivates. We are very pleased with your help and guidance and are primarily happy that Max finally gets his much needed sleep! He again has color on¬†his cheeks and is cheerful and even naughtier than before! Thank you so much for that! – Debbie & Luc

Your book will truly be a godsend for many mothers soon! I’m happy I no longer need it, ohhhh Susanne I’m so grateful!! The hard part¬†was just a few weeks, but now Tommy’s sleep is SUPER¬†and he is delighted when lying in his bed – he¬†still waves at me¬†when he goes to sleep ūüôā How sweet! Once again thanks thanks thanks! I hope you can help many mothers with little ones out there! – Tamara

Our daughter Mia is a very sensitive and alert baby. Her sleep became a real headache for us from her forth month. Before, she already woke up every half an hour during the day but we mostly could bridge it to a longer nap. But since certain moment, there was no way to let her nap longer. Her schedule was unpredictable, and we spent lots of time everyday just to try to get her to sleep. Finally, it ended up with carrying her for almost all naps. And her night became also bad. She relied on pacifier very much. So, every day after we let her fall asleep in the evening, another ‚Äúwork day‚ÄĚ started. We had to put the pacifier 5 – 30 times back to her mouth every night. Despite all the effort we put in, she still was not well rested and sometimes even became hyperactive from over tiredness. We were determined to make a change and we contacted Susan when Mia was 7 months old. Susan introduced her method, looked at our room and made a plan for us. The process was tough, and it went up and down. But slowly, Mia‚Äôs sleep became more and more stable: finally, she fell asleep on her own and slept through the night without pacifier! Our life is back. And we believe due to our daughter‚Äôs capability of controlling her sleep, her nap gradually also became longer. From this experience, as new parents, we also learned that we should teach our baby how to fish instead of giving her a fish. We were very happy with this investment! – Ling & Roel

After a night with¬†17 wake ups, I immediately called Susanne for Vayenne’s sleep, it could not go on like this. Not only for us as parents but also not for our daughter. I dreaded the start and I was prepared for the worst. But …. on the first night shewas improving already and she slept through the night after 10 days. She still sleeps through the night and we have a very happy and fit girl! I’m glad I called you Susanne, it was worth it! We are very grateful! – Victorine & Stephan

Doroth√©e had¬†difficulties falling asleep after we¬†moved to another city, she went to bed too late, was tired and jumped into the family bed often at night. Pieter had a pretty similar situation, we often slept with two children in one bed … Both children moved to ¬†their own schedule, after a lot of effort and direction from Susanne both children are under control in terms of sleeping behavior. Still¬†sickness and vacation impact their¬†sleep patterns; it is not often that the nights are truly flawless. But it is been a huge improvement and we feel more human again. Thanks Susanne we have our evenings, nights and bed back. Susanne has really given us¬†better¬†insight in what our children really need and all in a friendly and professional manner. Super, thank you! – Maria Gemma & Pieter-Jan

At last, we sleep again!!! After 15 months of dabbling¬†with¬†Depp’s sleep, we were really exhausted. Depp had often been ill so were pretty much stuck with the wrong sleep association. I saw The Sleep Agency on Instagram and thought; I’m just going to give her a call, am so done with the night wakenings and not being able to sleep more than¬†three or four hours in a row. Susanne sounded very open and friendly on the phone and reassured us, also from a professional point of view. But we certainly did not expect miracles and thought this could take quite a while¬†with our spirited little lady. Also, we were a bit¬†skeptical about whether this was the right way¬†because we did not want Depp to cry but just give her lots of love. But that’s what Susanne does, coach children in a gentler way. Everyone always said; sleep comes naturally once they are ready… and so we kept on struggling. The first days were quite tough but it actually could only get better. And she started to improve¬†after 3 to 4 days, and on the 10th night Depp started sleeping through the night! Unbelievable, not only did our overall energy level and mood started to change, but also Depp’s. She¬†develops rapidly, is more fun and happy. She is confident, can now fall asleep by herself¬†and sleeps more than 12.5 hours to 13 hours straight. We really could not have done it without sweet Susanne. Every day she gave us¬†good advice and insights, kept us on track, but also could perfectly sense what Depp needed. Thanks Suus, xxx – May & Leonardo

Thank you Susanne for everything!!! We are very happy to have a good rhythm in our family and we can also slowly catch up with some sleep. I am still on the standby and wake up at night even though the girls are fast asleep. We have a good basis and we want to stick to it. I can’t believe that everything went so smoothly. I am proud of the girls and Erwin and myself. It was a hard but a good job. All thanks to you. We are very grateful Susanne. – Danka & Erwin

When we started the coaching we were beyond exhausted. We had tried everything and we were a bit desperate to be honest. Daan didn’t sleep very well ¬†for six months and was up¬†several times a night. At bedtime and during the night we had to pull all our strings¬†to let him sleep by breastfeeding, plugging in his¬†pacifier, playing music, rocking him¬†and taking him to our bed. Since we started coaching Daan falls asleep easily. We notice that he well understands the bedtime routine. Sometimes he may wake at night briefly but he falls back asleep by himself. He still regularly wakes up early in the morning. Susanne has taught us how important it is to be consistent and how we can help improve our son’s sleep. After only a few days and nights we saw results. Thanks to the coaching we got back our evenings and nights. We are very grateful. – Patricia & Stefan

After nearly two years of sleepless¬†nights, Ole finally sleeps independently through the night. We still cannot believe this is actually¬†happening and we ask ourselves out loud why on earth we haven’t previously asked you for help. You really have a mission Susanne! We are extremely¬†happy! Many thanks for your help, tips and coaching. You are a hero! – Elze & Robert

After more than a year of sleepless nights something had to be done. Our son Morris was awake several times a night and we got to the point where only bottles and our bed would do the trick. Advice we were often told was to let Morris cry for a few weeks at night. An approach that we could not follow through. After some research, we stumbled¬†across The Sleep Agency. Soon we came to the conclusion that the softer approach of TSA suited us much better and we just needed coaching from someone with extensive knowledge of sleep problems. Our feelings were¬†completely confirmed when we talked to Susanne. We started as soon as possible and it is unbelievable how much we have achieved after we started coaching with¬†Susanne! Really fantastic! Morris now sleeps through the night and has learned to fall asleep himself, and with less (hard) head banging. Because we have more understanding of Morris’ sleep behaviour and patterns, we can anticipate when necessary. A wonderful feeling to be able to help your child and sleep more at the same time! – Inge & Remko

Michel was kind of skeptical at first, but Susanne was really my last hope. We rocked Niels asleep and at the¬†six to eight night wakenings where we replugged his pacifier, he ended up in our bed where he happily continued sleeping. On the one hand we were relcutant, on the other hand we could not wait to start. The first two nights were hard¬†and very emotional. Your heart breaks when your child is standing in his crib, reaching for you with his arms, but you can only intermittently reassure him verbally and physically. The first two nights he¬†resisted change big time(he wanted to come¬†to our bed!) But the third night he cried at bedtime after which he just lay down¬†and slept until the next morning. Since then it’s just gone better. He calmly falls asleep within twenty minutes doesn’t wake up during the night. Our energy level has risen and I can feel¬†my immune system is re-boosted. Our life will always revolve around Niels, but we now also have time for each other. Thanks again for all your help, we can not thank you enough for giving us back such a big part of our lives! – Marlies & Michel

Susanne gave us our¬†nights and evenings back..Professioneel and involved, no question remains unanswered. Regret that we have not previously contacted¬†her to solve what seemed an insoluble problem. Our toddler’s finally sleeping through the night, not only great for him but also great for us! Susanne is truly THE child sleep coach of the Netherlands. Nothing but praise for this wonderful woman. – Delailah & Pierre

Susanne is the very best gift you can give yourself and your child. Sooner rather than later. Perhaps our situation is slightly different because Olivier turned out to be ill, he was diagnosed hidden reflux. But the uncertainty, fatigue and tears that preceded the help from Susanne, have been so unnecessary. I give every young parent who looks a little tired the unsolicited advice to call Susanne. The rest and peace she brought to our family gave us the space to enjoy our greatest fortune. Thanks thanks thanks for everything!!!! РDorien & Philip

It was so helpful¬†to be guided by someone with so much knowledge of sleep. Seven of the ten things we already knew, but we didn’t dare to¬†change anything¬†because Daniel’s sleep was so poor. Other things were really completely new to us. Making changes all at once made a big difference. We could and would have never done it ourselves. We found it very helpful¬†to start with the comprehensive intake followed by¬†daily feedback via whatsapp. If we look back at how we spent evenings and¬†nights three months ago, it now really is a world of difference! We are very happy that we decided to take¬†this route! It has occasionally not been easy because Daniel got¬†sick, was teething and had a few growth spurts along the way¬†(crawling / standing), but Susanne encourage us to follow through and stay positive, and this ultimately paid off. – Michelle & Alexander

Well, your method works like crazy¬†(but you knew that already) … Thijmen now sleeps really all the way through! No more 3 hours wake-ups between 10pm-1am. What a relief! We are so so happy! And it’s great¬†that we can always fall back on the coaching if¬†needed. A nice combination of being able to reassure your child, yet giving him the space to be independent. Tonight we sat on the couch and I realized that I could count on Thijmen¬†sleeping through the night. Thanks for your good work and help! – Evelien & Maarten

We applied for sleep coaching to teach Oliver to sleep, he had been waking up several times at night for 1,5 years and had always needed us to get back to sleep. Oliver now naps for 2-3 hours straight and sleeps¬†from 6:30 p.m. to 6:00 am¬†at night, often even until 06:30 or 07:00 am in one full stretch. Susanne first looks closely at existing sleep associations, coping and family’s targets and then tailors her coaching. Many thanks, our son has become an even happier and more energetic boy¬†and I feel like a different person now that I can sleep through the night after so many months. We are two happy parents! – Kirsten & Robert

After about seven months without sleep we were totally desperate. We always had to rock or feed our son Felix¬†asleep before¬†putting him to bed very carefully only for him to wake up again after one hour after which we could start over. This happened throughout the night and then he would be wide awake at 5.30 am, ready to start the day. He only took cat naps unless we let him sleep in the baby carrier, then he would sleep¬†a bit longer. After much deliberation (everybody told us he would naturally better sleep after he would¬†roll over, crawl, stand, eat¬†solids etc, well not so much!) We decided to ask for Susanne’s help and that turned out to be the best decision ever! After the consultation at home and reading all the information I was quite reluctant, the first night would be probably tough and because we were so exhausted we were dreading the start. But it wasn’t that bad. After several nights he fell asleep independently and slept through the night! Really quite fantastic! Now, a few weeks after the training he sleeps from¬†18.15 to 6:30 / 7:00 am (yes really!). The daytime naps required a bit more¬†coaching but are now also good. It’s so nice to feel rested in the morning, both for us and for Felix. We can now really enjoy him! – Sandra & Delano

Rudy and I were completely exhausted¬†and couldn’t figure out why Charlotte slept so poorly. We tried everything but without the desired success. We were really desperate. Not knowing where sleep problems come from and how to resolve them is really frustrating. We had to get up several times a¬†night and gave Charlotte a bottle out of desperation. This is obviously not an ideal situation for a 1.5 year old. You could immediately at the first meeting give us insight in hersleep problems and provide us with a plan to tackle it. Finally we found a solution and gained¬†control back again. We now have a child who sleeps better, eats and is weanes off the bottle. Our focus¬†at work and our relationship have improved. I found it a very pleasant cooperation. We felt understood and did not feel we had failed before. I thought that was lovely. Receiving feedback 6 times a week provided¬†great support. Thanks for everything. We dreaded the coaching at the beginning but thanks to your tips and encouragement, the results are better than expected. You’re a nice person and you give the coaching a personal touch by sharing your own experiences. This gave us a sense of understanding and support. – Floor & Rudy

Until he was ten months old, Fabian’s sleep was all over the place and he ended in bed with us every night where he would fall asleep to our chest only. He woke up frequently¬†in the evening and at night, usually every one to¬†1.5 hours. Crying, planking, clearly frustrated. During the day Fabian slept twice for half an hour. Fabian now always sleeps in his own bed! During the day he sleeps well: usually 1.5 hours each nap. The evenings and nights are unfortunately still a bit broken: he is often awake. The major difference is that he goes to sleep again by himself or with a little coaching from us. However, he is often ill and suffered from teething and¬†vaccination which¬†makes it difficult for us. We are very happy that we did the coaching ¬†withSusanne: finally we had¬†a good plan, tailored to Fabian and us. We¬†achieved lots ofresults, but we are not quite there yet. But with the knowledge we have now, we’ll get there! Susanne is a great¬†coach: friendly, helpful, is a team player and has an understanding of her business! – Ingrid & Constantijn

Simply: The best money we ever spent. The horror stories of friends in mind – who muddled for years with poor sleeping child – we hired Susanne. Our son Tom could not fall asleep himself¬†and we wanted him to learn that skill. Being consistent when you’re exhausted seemed impossible. We needed someone who took us by the¬†hand everyday. We found that person in Susanne and the method of The Sleep Agency: a loving and clear way to teach our son how to sleep. Her daily feedback and support were priceless. If we lacked confidence, Susanne helped us through it by showing that there was just so much progress. And thanks to the method used by Susanne we got to know Tom’s sleep needs and we can now see exactly what he needs and¬†when he needs it. The real hero was of course our son, who already showed that he picked up sleeping after a few days. A few weeks later we have a child who falls asleep and stays asleep at night. We are all equipped and confident that we have learned Tom something that will¬†benefit him throughout his life. And we are¬†incredibly grateful for Susanne and her Sleep Agency! – Sabine & Silvan

Wow. After 2.5 years of¬†things going¬†forward,¬†we contacted Susanne which we should have done much earlier. Our toddler slept in between¬†and it took us all evening¬†to get him to sleep. We were tired, annoyed and did not have time for each other. After clear instructions by Susanne we started coaching. Every evening and night it went better. No crying, no screaming and no frustration from Seth’s end. He slept through the night in his own crib after a few nights! It’s been¬†three weeks and his sleep is still fantastic. We had never dreamed of this success. Seth is cheerfully rested and sleeps incredibly well! Susanne, you’re a lifesaver! – Sylpha & Michiel

James was up a lot at night¬†and needed his¬†bottle. We weaned him of the bottle during coaching and taught him to fall asleep on his own. Funny enough, I did not expect it but we saw results after¬†three¬†nights only. Susanne helped us tremendously¬†well, her coaching is super involved and sweet. I could ask her anything. If I had hard time she¬†pulled us through and gave us hope¬†he would eventually sleep. James is now one year old and fortunately sleeps most nights until¬†6.30 / 7.00 am. Occasionally if he is ill or teething, he can be awake for two or three¬†times but will fall right back to sleep. Without Susanne we wouldn’t have made it through. Thank you! – Chloe & Paul

When our oldest son Samuel has not slept for two years and Christophe followed the non-sleeping path¬†for a year, we reached our breaking point¬†and we decided to seek help. When¬†I emailed Susanne with the subject line “HELP” with tears in my eyes of despair, ¬†she called me that same evening. On Sunday evening. Tribute¬†to this woman. The main message during the consultation was: be consistent, operate as a team and sacrifice 2-3 weeks of your time and be patient. I think in retrospect that was most strongly about Susanne: she¬†spoke exclusively with us. Where as a woman I often take control, Marcel was involved by Susanne in everything. And that was very nice! Because let’s be honest: it was a very intense period which was marked by a strict regime, throwing back-up plans in during the day to let Christophe sleep, earlier dinner¬†and an earlier¬†bedtime. After the coaching Christophe has become a much better sleeper. It really made all the difference in the world. And boy, we¬†are glad we sought help. Yes, he’s still an early bird: 6 am is his wake-up time. Sometimes we hear him¬†at 5 am but we coach him back asleep again.. But the nights we were up 23 times are gone. Over. And if wakes up in the night, then Marcel and I have all these tools to manage. During the day¬†he now is a really good sleeper. And above all, my child is happy again. No overtired moody¬†kid anymore. I want to shout it from the rooftops. Do you have a child who sleeps poorly? Don’t keep doing it yourselves, but search help. Really! We have joyful, happy, contented, active son back who now loves to sleep. Thanks Susanne! – Elise & Marcel, chickslovelittleones.com

From the first moment on we had a good feeling about the coaching. The contact with Susanne was pleasant and clear. Our daughter did not sleep well during the day and it sometimes took hours for Anna to fall asleep, for more than 1.5 years. For us it was sometimes difficult to see postive results, especially the first week. Luckily Susanne was able to show us the small steps enabling us to remain optimistic throughout the process. The final result is beyond all expectations. Anna now sleeps at night now a minimum of 12 consecutive hours (and sometimes more than 13 hours), and when she is awake briefly she falls back asleep quickly and independently. She also sleeps better and longer during the day. ¬†The coaching has not only ensured that our daughter now sleeps well (and we!), but has also given us the tools and knowledge to ensure that her sleep behavior ontinues. We are very satisfied with both the process and the results! Susanne, you’re a winner! – Esther & Paul

After a year of broken nights, we wanted to seize all or for one night of¬†sleep. Our son was awake every few¬†hours and needed us to get back to sleep. We had to hold his hand and replug the¬†pacifier. Leaving the room was not an option so we just sat there. When we started with the coaching we were skeptical. Also, during the process, there were moments of doubt. Susanne gave¬†us confidence and coached in a positive way. Soon we saw progress, our son became calmer and slept better at night. Eventually he starting sleeping¬†11.5 hours per night and also during the day slept much better. It’s incredible what the outcome of this process has been. We recommend it to everyone. Susanne thank you very much! – Joelle & Simon

2016 was the best year of our lives; our lovely daughter Olivia was born.. it could not get any more beautiful than this we thought. Until .. Susan came into our lives! 2017 already exceeds 2016 because we do not only have a beautiful daughter but also Рthanks to Susan Рone that sleeps through the night for 12 hours in her own bed which she now loves. And as icing on the cake; two happy parents who can enjoy even more of their daughter since the coaching than they already did. Not only because we now know exactly what Olivia needs but also because all that sleep has made her more cheerful and happy. Susan is the manual you need after the birth of your baby! For us Suus is a must for every new parent! She makes the best gift life has to offer even better!! РFleur & Guido

After two and a half years of broken nights we looked like¬†zombies¬†with bags under our eyes. Our daughter Loa was awake several times a night and in the years we had consulted many self-help books on children’s sleep. But unfortunately without (structural) results. During the day our daughter was getting upset and easily irritated, we could tell she was sleep deprived. Susanne to the rescue. It was hard work with a toddler, but everything calmed down after three weeks. In the night we slept more and more frequently through the night, we finally got some rest¬†and Loa got¬†happier by¬†the day. And she still sleeps¬†through the night. It’s so nice to have tools that you can use again and again which also¬†gives you the confidence that if you encounter a¬†restless night, you have the power¬†to easily reverse it again. You know, tomorrow we will just sleep through the night again and our girl will be¬†happy and rested. We learned something that we can always apply thanks to Susanne’s coaching . And we are forever grateful to¬†her. – Patricia & Rick

Thanks to Susanne we know what sleep is again! Our son barely slept during the day and during the night we had to get up often. It was very difficult getting him back to sleep, sometimes we were up with him for one and a half to two hours. We were  exhausted and desperate.
But thanks to the clear coaching and targeted approach by Susanne, Joris now sleeps several hours during the day and 12 consecutive hours at night after ten days of coaching only. The best Christmas present we could have wished for! РWouter & Daphne

After 1.5 years of broken nights we contacted Susanne. And finally, we are sleeping again! From 7pm to 7am! It is not easy to break patterns but Susanne was our much needed big stick. Super nice and instructive! РSarah & Job

Totally awesome!! What an invention! After 15 months of having tried every option whilst being awake for an hour twice at night, we finally found¬†the solution. Clear, easy to maintain and as a result a sleeping boy within two weeks! Susanne thank you, you’re a winner! We are very happy with¬†you! After such a short training we obtained maximum results. In one word, magnificent! Good luck and all the best! – Bob & Silvie

Susanne saves jobs and relationships. She was our rock at the¬†point in our lives we felt at our lowest. We opted for the extended premium package and have not regretted it. Beforehand, we thought what the hell can she tell us we haven’t¬†already read in books or on the Internet. But her¬†approach has helped us tremendously. I can now hardly imagine any longer how we felt as a family when¬†we first emailed Susanne . Her way of working is incredibly nice. She is understanding, has a good sense of humor, is involved and is quite strict¬†if you failed to send her the log and at the same time¬†remains optimistic at times when it did not go¬†fast enough for us. For parents who are pondering whether they should or should not do this: our daughter Evie (then aged 14 months) suddenly did not want to sleep after we¬†moved house and was completely upset as soon as she saw her bed and this lasted for months. We tried¬†car rides at 4am, gave bottles in bed, we tried everything but that no longer worked. She was getting overtired and so did we. Her sleep became restless and fragmented, at night she often woke up and she became an early riser. Now she goes to bed without complaining and falls asleep peacefully. During the coaching she transferred to one nap, her nap doesn’t exceed the¬†1.5 hour mark but every night she sleeps over¬†12 hours , usually around 12.5 hours without waking up. As my husband said, “my best buy ever.” – Janneke & Thijs

This woman saved our lives, that’s how¬†it feels at least. We are eternally grateful for¬†her! Nevan slept very poorly day and¬†night, or basically almost didn’t sleep at all. ¬†It took us hours rocking him to sleep and he would then wake every half hour. It got worse by the day and he even ended up in the family bed. When he was 7 months we hired¬†Susanne. After a few days we already saw major¬†difference and that gave us confidence and hope. He now sleeps by himself, through the night and in his own bed in his own room! We decided to go with¬†the most comprehensive package so¬†we could speak with Susanne on a daily basis, she was always available and respondeded immediately. The feedback was very valuable¬†and extensive and helps us maintain Nev’s sleep routines to this day! – Isabella & Danny

Money well spent! A formative and life changing experience for our kids and our family. We went from having: our 2 kids sleeping in our bed every night; our youngest (2yo) constantly waking through the night and drinking copious amounts of water; our eldest (3.5yo) scared of the dark and waking to pee and for us not having a good nights sleep for over 1 year. As a family we were broken. We were all tired, lethargic and just disillusioned! Husband randomly found Susanne’s details on the web and we went immediately to a consultation. Having that objective discussion about our kids sleep habits to how we view and handle our family’s sleep was a real eye opener. The first week was tough but almost immediately after that both kids were sleeping better; no more toilet breaks or water bottles crutches and no more being afraid of the dark to sleeping through the night for 11.5/12 hours EVERY NIGHT!! It’s been 2 months and we as a family have kept up our good habits and been consistent in our approach.. Best Buy of the year! – Sharnette & Gaetan

Our 15 month old son Boaz needed our presence to fall asleep, he only took a one hour nap and was up at night three or four times up which often lead to one hour of awake time. Eventually, we decided to take him in to bed with us. Now he sleeps two to three hours during the day, falls asleep peacefully and by himself at bedtime and sleeps through the night in his own bed. Thanks so much Susanne! Without you we would certainly not have achieved this result. Thanks to your daily feedback and tips we have made it through. And what a great result in such a short time. РDionne & Gert-Jan

Susanne, It was such a pleasure to work with you! Thank you for every single message/call/word! Thank you for your support and motivation! You’ve changed our life! We can’t believe that our daughter now sleeps 12 hours through the night without waking up! She not only sleeps better but she is more happy child in general! We didn’t even expect such a great result! Your system works and it is a MIRACLE! We very highly recommend your coaching for all new parents! It will change your sleep and your life for better! Thank you Susanne from all our family! – Maria & Sergey¬†

Saint Suus! Frank Jan and I were really desperate. Not sleeping is really hell. Our dear twins Otto and Gijs decided after being in their new toddler beds that suddenly they could go on an adventure every night at bedtime, to put it mildly. It went from¬†bad to worse until the point that torn bed sheets were flying¬†in the air. Clear method, we were back together as a team and Suus intensively monitored the boys’ sleep behavior every day. Even at times when it was really harsh. And yes, they¬†would not be our boys if changes were made quickly even with the help of Suus :-), but due to our persistence and consistency they are now sleeping again super good. This is truly an enormous gift to yourself, your kids and your relationship. Thanks Suus big time ¬†x¬†– Marielle Jan & Frank

Mia did not want to sleep in bed, only¬†on our arm. She slept only briefly. Especially during the day it was difficult and¬†after some time her sleep¬†in the nights got worse. We developed a sleep rhythm that she mastered after a few weeks as our intervention got less and her confidence grew. She¬†became confident and independent and was cheerfully going to sleep and waking up: rested, happy. We felt understood from the beginning and were confident that we would tackle Mia’s sleep. Especially the daily contact via the sleep log and tailored advice made all the difference. In conversations I have with friends about their children’s sleep we share our experience. They often find it very interesting but do not undertake action. I feel that many parents think that ‘it’s just the way it is’. They feel a threshold to ask for help or¬†they fear¬†the first days of coaching. I think you could help many more parents if they would just dive in. – Sabrina & Niels

Sophie’s sleep was AWFUL! She was afraid of the dark, came out several times at night and would then eventually sleep in our bed or a travel cot¬†in our room. We barely slept due to the nightly adventues of our 3,5 year old. She has learned to sleep in her own bed, is less afraid and knows that her bed¬†is a safe place. Very occasionally she comes out and then we bring her back so¬†we all sleep a lot better than weeks ago. We are happy we made¬†the decision to start coaching. We now know the things we could improve ourselves to teach Sophie to fall sleep and stay asleep. Somehow you know what to do, but being consistent remains difficult, especially if things escalate too often and you decide to go for¬†a short-term solution. Susanne helps you with that, gives tips and critical notes which made us make¬†big steps and sleep better. Susanne’s personal messages for Sophie were very well received by our little girl. Thanks for everything!!! – Marit & Piet-Hein

One word: life saving. Our son went from a¬†decent¬†(but troubled) sleeper to a ‘no sleeper’ around 5-6 months. He was awake every 30-45 minutes day and night. We tried to fix his sleep but that came to nothing. After Susanne visited our family home, everything completely reversed. Our son Beer developed a rhythm and started ¬†to sleep his much needed hours both day and night in a row. Our advice to all parents that have¬†children with sleep problems: stop the endless search! The solution is here, The Sleep Agency! Susanne thanks again!! – Bonny & Wolter

After ten months of awful¬†nights which were getting worse (meaning: being awake every single¬†hour), we were done. We are totally pro natural parenting: no crying, co-sleeping, breastfeeding on demand but after 10 tiring months we had to conclude that something had to change. And we felt Olivier had the perfect age to coach him towards more independence. Our¬†friends told us¬†they had “successfully” worked with¬†a sleep coach. That sounded good. We called Susanne and a few days later we discussed Olivier’s sleep and his¬†action plan. The method sounded very simple, and we were skeptical at first, but soon enough our little man slept¬†more hours consecutively. After two weeks he slept almost all night! Now, a few weeks later we put it to bed around 6pm and he wake up at¬†7am. It’s amazing!!!! We can function again during the day and most importantly, we can enjoy parenthood again. Susanne, really, we can’t thank you enough! –¬†Michelle & Willem

We still can not comprehend that our daughter Josephine, after a a very long and difficult period of struggling to get her to sleep and stay asleep, can be put to bed without any difficulty. We leave her room, she chats a little with her stuffed animals and sleeps over 11.5 hours uninterrupted. It has had a major positive impact on Josephine. Her development seems to have taken a flight. She is cheerful and energetic, like her parents ?
The coaching can be described as personal and involved, Susanne has taught us a lot about what we could improve, were we needed to adapt our schedule¬†and what adjustments we could make and it has been very effective! It has asked our full focus and commitment, it was necessary to give our daughter’s sleep the highest priority during the coaching. Our only concern was that objective and as a result we could see improvement after¬†three¬†days. At the end of the coaching we could lay Josephine in bed without any effort and were able to walk out of her room without any¬†crying, she is calm and comfortable and falls¬†asleep on her own. Since then she never had a relapse!!! Thank you for your help! You have positively changed our lives and our daughters’ in many respects. A¬†lot of our stress and worries have disappeared¬†which cannot be expressed in value. – Gwen & Zeno

Dante only slept up to two consecutive hours for 15 months. He was probably accustomed to it because he had previously been waking¬†up frequently because of skin and intestinal problems . I could only settle him on my¬†arm or shoulder or let him fall asleep on the breast¬†and for the biggest¬†part of the night he slept in my bed and was breastfed¬†sometimes every half hour. Now my son recognize his bed like something of his own, he is comfortable and settles easily iand does not immediately stand up after I laid him down. He sleeps longer stretches¬†and can get back to sleep by himself when he briefly wakes up. Having to take care of my¬†child on my own and not sleeping ¬†at all was difficult. I noticed that I was isolating myself because I dreaded¬†the evenings: I didn’t go out nor¬†invited people over. Now, after training, the evenings are no longer filled with reassurancing my son or waiting for him to wake up. Now I can really do things for myself! The coaching was clear and supportive and gave me great insight into both my own behavior and in the actual sleep needs of my child. Really, the continuity of our daily contact was amazing, especially since it basically covered your entire family¬†vacation. – Ginny

We were desperate, our daughter’s¬†sleep had been¬†all over the place for¬†6 months already. At night she¬†first slept okay, but the days were a disaster. We could not go anywhere with her, she was not sleeping; she was crying and¬†overstimulated. We walked with her in the carrier the entire¬†day so she¬†was quiet and would eventually fall asleep. It¬†were difficult and intense months. When the nights began to tear apart, we really did not know what to do. We had tried everything: schedules, putting her down¬†awake, shortening her¬†windows between naps, but nothing seemed to help. When we met Susanne, we immediately trusted her. But would Susanne’s guidance also work with Lisa? We had tried everything already! After the first night we saw¬†improvement and we knew this was going to be a success. Then more progress followed and we achieved what we had not dared dreaming of. Now,¬†a few months later, Lisa still sleeps super good! Lisa is a happy baby who wakes up babbling and falls asleep independently within a few minutes. We are very happy that we turned to you for help Susanne. – Paula & Bas

We are very happy that we’ve decided to contact The Sleep Agency. Susanne is very skilled and knows how to offer very personal guidance¬†for sleep training, in a friendly manner but certainly also as a¬†big stick to keep us on the right track. For us andJelle it worked¬†tremendously well – he is much, much quieter and more relaxed, even family and friends notice the difference in him, and we finally have our evenings back, after months of walking¬†around with Jelle in the baby carrier or in the car seat hoping¬†he might briefly give up his¬†fight against sleep. Now we put him to bed and he, sometimes after a bit of fussing, falls asleep¬†independently! Basically due to a number of basic principles that Susanne explained and showed us which we applied systematically. A must for all parents who are struggling with an overexcited, sensitive, hyperactive child who does not want to surrender to sleep! Thanks Susanne! – Marloes & Take

We were really down after¬†21 months of no sleep:¬†Tommie was up two to three times a night at the most impossible times. Extending his nap and having him sleep a little later than he did¬†helped tremendously. Tommie now sleeps until 6 am¬†and he is doing¬†very well. We are delighted with these uninterupted hours sleep. It’s only when you lack¬†sleep you realize how important sleep actually¬†is and how it can effect you. This was truly a gift to ourselves, we should have done it much earlier. Good luck coaching all¬†these families, you have an amazing job, because you make people really really happy ūüėČ – Carlijn & Maarten

Julius was awake every one and a half hour at night and needed¬†mom’s physical care and breastfeeding to go back to sleep. We¬†always put him down asleep so he did not know how to fall asleep by himself. ¬†But he learned through the method we worked on with¬†Susanne. Now we put Julius down¬†without crying after¬†a consistent bedtime routine ¬†and he goes to sleep right away. He sleeps through the night, often for 12 hours straight. His naps¬†are more difficult but they have¬†definitely¬†improved. The coaching was very pleasant and instructive. A major eye-opener has been¬†that it’s not just about how long your child sleeps, but also how long his windows¬†between naps are. Contact with Susanne (including its form) was great. We encourage anyone who has a child with sleep problems to follow this sleep coaching! Actually, every parent should know The Sleep Agency exists. – Karolien & Lucas

Owen’s sleep had been variable for 16 months.¬†His naps were short¬†and at some point during the night he ended up sleeping in the family bed. Besides co-sleeping,¬†falling asleep holding¬†our hand and watching¬†Miffy on the iPad were his sleep crutches. Even though¬†I am quite¬†knowledgeable about¬†infants and¬†sleep, the¬†coaching¬†turned out to be¬†a godsend. Within two weeks we had a perfect sleeping child, Owen is now sleeping through the night! In his own bed, without us √°nd Miffy. Excellent! We are still sooo happy! Best investment ever ūüôā – Gillian & Jeroen

Wow! After 22 months, our son sleeps through the night! How great is that! As pedagogical staff¬†and a former teacher you think as a couple you know a lot about children, but these tips and coaching have done the magic trick! After a week we noticed a lot of improvement and now he sleeps through the night after less than three weeks! Before,¬†Aiden wanted to be breastfed about four times a night and would sometimes be awake for 2 to 3 hours in a row. Now he sleeps from 6.45 pm to 06.30 am. Who would have thought! There will¬†probably still be times when the weather is tough, but we’ve got all the tools to deal with it at the time! – Ilse & Mark

We are extremely pleased with the achieved results! Such¬†a relief that we can finally put Emma to bed awake after 16 months, she falls asleep by herself¬†and sleeps through (almost) every night. We don’t know what just happened to us, amazing really! Thank you very much, after everything we tried¬†we were skeptical at first. You have meant so much to¬†us! Our Emma FINALLY seems to have become a good sleeper. Who would have thought? – Mark &¬†Lisa

From overtired and over-stimulated to rested, both physically and mentally! We found it wonderful to get feedback on our daily actions. Finally, we knew we were on the right track. We came from far, but together with Susanne we succeeded in three weeks. Our daughter Lies learned a vital life skill and we as parents have some free time on our hands again. What a relief! РJan & Inge 

We are so happy! We have a child that finally falls asleep himself … and in his own bed!
Who would have dreamed this scenario after having dealt with Charlie for 1.5 years – he¬†couldn’t fall asleep on his own¬†at bedtime and during the night and did not want to sleep in his crib at all. Susanne, we are very¬†grateful! – Anoek & Geoffrey

Thomas was awake several times a night or woke up at¬†half past four in the morning and would then suddenly sleep through the night for a week, for¬†nearly two years. I thought we had a regular schedule but Susanne’s advice showed us that is was actually “our” rythym instead of Thomas’. Very interesting¬†to see how much influence a change in 15 to 30 minutes¬†could have on his nights rest. It already occured to me that we must had been completely overlooking something. The method proved to be the final push Thomas¬†needed. It was very pleasant working with you Susanne, and an ideal way to¬†receive voice messages via whatsapp. We loved¬†that you were so accessible and approachable and still are today. Thomas now sleeps through the night every day! He clearly¬†had a few developmental¬†leaps and at night he is 99% self-sufficient, even when he briefly awakes. – Laura & Jeroen

After experiencing more than 1.5 years of dramatic nights (6 middle of the night wakenings every night) and having seen the entire alternative scene we knocked at¬†Susanne’s door. To be honest, we had little hope but due to the enthusiasm of our coach Susanne, we went for it all the way. The impossible happened, we saw the first changes occur after a week. The daily feedback really helped us and now, three weeks after the coaching Taeke still sleeps through the night! It works and Susanne played a¬†very important role in these changes. – Sanne & Matthijs

We sleep again at night and our one year old son Menno has become an even happier baby! In the beginning is was quite tough, but our little guy is a big fan of his bed now! Thanks Susanne! РRenée & Twan

We are so pleased that Susanne of The Sleep Agency helped us out! Our daughter Fréderique has kept us awake for hours almost every night for 2.5 years. We really did not know what was right and wrong any longer. The personal but structured approach, the knowledge of factors that play a role in the day and night rhythm of a little child combined with the daily messages were basically exactly what we needed to improve the situation. And with success! We are very happy that we made the choice to call Susanne and started coaching! Thanks! РCharlotte & Bas

Since birth, Siem’s sleep during the day was quite variable and falling asleep in the evening could be¬†different¬†every day. At night he would sometimes be up for hours. Siem now falls asleep without crying¬†and falls back asleep at night when he wakes up. Furthermore – and this is vital¬†– we have confidence in the fact that Siem¬†can do it himself¬†and our¬†panic when he wakes up is much less. I definitely recommend Susanne to parents with children dealing with¬†sleep issues. Even when in doubt, just¬†contact her. I value¬†Susanne as someone who will be open and honest in saying if¬†she feels she can not be of any help. The ease¬†with which¬†she¬†offered a solution to our son’s sleep behavior, I think she¬†can be a lifesaver in many cases.
Once again many thanks for your help. We are very happy with everything you have taught us and Siem. You have given us confidence and a lot of rest and that is a great gift. – Marietje & Gerben

After nearly a year of waking up 8 to 9 times a night trying to put Emma¬†back to sleep it was the right time to put it to an end. Unfortunately, ‚Äėhet consultatiebureau‚Äô could not help us. Through Google we found Susanne and her business. After reading the reviews and testimonials on her website our strongest feeling was disbelief: perhaps there were children who start to sleep well in 2 to 3 weeks but certainly not our daughter. But there was no alternative so we went for Susanne‚Äôs help for 100%. Within one week (!) Emma slept through the night for the first time. We are so happy! Four weeks after we started coaching we found peace in our lives and harmony in our family. We can only say that we can recommend it to everyone. Thanks Susanne! – Jan & Annemarie

After 2 years and 10 months of poor sleep we were soooooo tired and were past our own creativity and well-intentioned advice from others. It was time for a fresh look and we are so thankful for yours Susanne!!! You’ve listened to our story properly and given us appropriate handouts which gave us a better understanding of our own actions and its effects, which gave a clear view on the process that was awaiting us. The method also fitted us well: we didn‚Äôt have to leave Fede if she was crying but instead we could let her know that we were there and step by step fade away. We found it very pleasant to get your messages every day and to get some encouraging words (because we occasionally really needed it!). After three weeks we established major improvement and the necessary tools to continue and, if necessary, to get Fede back on track. Super thanks!!!! – Karin & Ben

After one year of poor sleep and sleep behaviour that seemed to worsen, we were desperate. We came in contact with Susanne and we decided to do a sleep training. It was a very intensive process and the personal guidance of Susanne was a necessity. Without Susanne we would have stopped after the first night, would have missed the small steps that were already there but most importantly, we would have missed a good sleeping little fellow. For what a change has taken place! An average of 10 times of waking up at night to fall back asleep only skin to skin with his parents, he can now fall asleep on his own and we need an average of only once a night to help him out because he is stuck in his crib. And even that is becoming increasingly less! Susanne, thank you for helping us back to sleep. I recommend anyone with poor sleeping children to do this training! – Petra & Boris

Before we started coaching Pim and Teun had been restless sleepers for 11 months. During the day they only took catnaps and at night they often woke up and could not fall back asleep on their own. We often gave them their pacifier, it made them fall asleep for a little while before they woke up again. Around 4:00 am they were very awake and we ended up taking them in our bed. It is now going very well with their sleep, they nap much longer and go to bed happy at 6.30 pm and sleep until 6.30am! What a relief. We have our evenings back!
We have experienced the coaching as intensive yet very positive and rewarding. Very nice personal coaching and really adapted to our family. Susanne is understanding and clear and provides practical guidance. The handouts were very clear and instructive. The daily feedback we found very pleasant, it kept us going even when it was quite harsh, we felt we were not alone. Thank you Susanne, because of your coaching the entire family now gets proper sleep and rest and we enjoy every day. We are still so grateful! – Kim & Freek

We were up 20 times per night on average and had to give our 7 month old her pacifier because she cried. A few weeks before the coaching we took her in our bed from midnight on in order to get at least some sleep. In the afternoon she would hardly sleep, she was up for hours and napping longer than 45 minutes was an exception. Now we put Vesper down at bedtime awake and she falls asleep by herself within five and sometimes 20 minutes. At night Vesper doesn‚Äôt wake up anymore unless she’s sick. She can grab the pacifier herself and is able to self-regulate. During the day she sleeps well now, at least 2.5 to 3 hours divided over three naps. We found the sleep coaching efficient and task-oriented with clear advice. We have recommended you several times already and are really happy with the result, so thanks! – Marianne and Roel

We have just completed the coaching program with Susanne and we are very satisfied. Our starting point: our almost 3 year old son fell asleep around 22 o’clock and only wanted to sleep with us in our bed for the past 2 years. This led to chronic sleep deprivation because we – when he went to sleep in his own bed – at night still had to get out. Not good for your mood and your relationship. Now we have a good sleeping toddler who doesn‚Äôt wake up at night, sleeps around half past eight and gets up very cheerful and further, has better appetite and has made huge developmental steps. He even still takes a decent nap… He went from 8 to 9 hours of sleep to 12 to 13 hours of sleep a day. Fantastic!!! Super and thanks again! – Mwalima & Marleen

Luuk did not sleep in his own bed and when we did try he screamed and cried at the top of his lungs, sometimes for hours. In our bed (or should I say with Mom as Dad slept on the floor on a mattress) he slept okay but he still often woke up. After a year we were desperate … Susanne to the rescue! Since the coaching we all sleep again at night and Luuk over 12 hours straight! The theory behind learning to fall asleep and staying asleep we learned from Susanne makes sense and the (sometimes necessary but strict) daily feedback from Susanne was exactly what we, and Luke, needed! A huge thank you for your help and support to get Luuk to sleep! Now that he sleeps without night terrors and till 7 o’clock in the morning we‚Äôve all become a lot calmer and more relaxed! THANKS! – Anke & Mark

Susanne has given us back a big piece of our lives. Our baby was 7 months old when we started. He slept poorly since birth, partly because of reflux symptoms. We ended up a situation where he could only fall asleep while feeding and at one point he even didn’t even want to be put to bed. Something had to change soon but we did not know how. We felt good about the method Susanne taught us because we could stay with Benjamin continuously for the longest run. He therefore never felt alone or not heard. It was pretty tough to break with the existing habits. After all those months of struggling, sleep deprivation and decreased self-confidence, I think the biggest challenge was to lose the cramped feeling. The idea that things could be different ánd better in 14 days kept us going- and it turned out to be! Just the knowledge of how sleep works is invaluable for every parent! РFleur & Marcel

Susanne has absolutely been our savior! After more than 1.5 years of having tried everything to tackle the sleep problems of our 1 year old son the situation got worse and we saw no way out. With mixed feelings we began this journey but after three days only we saw change. Tibeau responded well to the coaching and our confidence grew. Now, three weeks after we started working with Susanne, our little guy has transformed. He is much happier, has a bigger appetite, talks more and better which has positively affected the rest of our family. We no longer have to battle to get him to sleep in his own crib every evening and night (which we lost every single time) and can now enjoy each other and enjoy a relaxed evening. The commitment in Susanne, the designed sleep plan and additional information about sleep definitely makes The Sleep Agency a success! – Frederique & Mark

What an incredible method! Our son is one year old and since birth, we had not slept more than one and a half hours in a row. People always ask how you still stand but when it comes to your child you can apparently handle a lot! We had tried everything to find a solution for his sleep problems: from keeping calm and patient to lulling him asleep for hours and hiring Baby Whisperers but unfortunately nothing worked! When Susanne came to our home to prepare a personal sleep plan with us, we did have the confidence this could work but truly believing it was another thing Рafter so many attempts you just lose your confidence! Now, three weeks later we do not need get up even once at night and we can finally enjoy an evening together again!!! Our little fellow has simply learned to fall back asleep himself when he wakes up but this is almost not necessary because he is so relaxed now and sleeps peacefully! If only we would have found the Sleep The Agency earlier. We have our lives back and the worries of what might be wrong with Liam are over. Thank you very much Susanne! РEva & Joachim

Seeing is believing – that’s how we started our adventure with Susanne. We had tried so many things, but after more than 2.5 years of sleepless nights¬†something had¬†to change for all of us. We started¬†the sleep plan in good spirits. The first week was very intense, we had to respond to every sound, every dream and cry throughout the night. We all had to get used to the new approach. It could not go fast enough for us, so it was difficult to see the progress Meis made. Luckily Susanne was there to show us the continious steps foward¬†and encourage us with her great tips. That’s what kept us going. Every week Meis’ sleep improved and after 3 weeks, we woke up one night without interruptions, wow! Five weeks ago we started the coaching and we have slept for two weeks straight. Meis’ bedtime is much earlier and her afternoon nap is doubled in time. Without Susanne we would have¬†never achieved these¬†sustainable results. Oh, how lovely is sleeping¬†… !!! – Wendy & Bas

After 15 months of sleepless¬†nights where Jop would need two and sometimes even three bottles to fall back asleep, we reached our breaking point… Had we tried enough? Of course. Only our efforts failed. And the ‘Cry it Out’ method did¬†not suit us. And proved not to be¬†needed! Through Facebook, we got in touch with Susanne. In the in-home consultation none of our former actions seemed¬†weird or weakness from¬†our side. Finally, we received the much needed recognition! With the provided sleep basics in mind, in combination with the customized sleep plan focused on the character of we felt good to go. On the 4th night he slept though the¬†night for the first time ever, and from the 8th night on was sleeping through the night was a fact! All our questions were¬†answered (hallelujah!), to be able¬†to rely¬†on the coaching was very nice. I recommend¬†all non-sleeping young parents this child- and parent-friendly sleep coaching! Eveline & Tim

Susanne, we are so grateful to you! Thanks to you our¬†twin boys are sleeping through the night, ok not always and not every night but that’s mainly because¬†we wanted to keep the pacifier¬†and with 7 months, they not completely mastered the skill of plugging it in themselves yet, but really, their sleep is so much better! The customized sleep¬†plan for the twins was not always easy to follow through¬†and was temporarily associated with less sleep ūüôĀ but with the results we hoped for after only 14 days. Thanks thanks! Definitely recommended! – Friedeliene & Coen

We are extremely grateful to Susanne! Our daughter Lotte (9 months) was a terrible sleeper – at night could wake up crying every 45 minutes and the only thing that would get her back to sleep was rocking her but that could easily last two hours. During the day it became increasingly difficult to get her to sleep rocking or in any other way. The consultation with Susanne was very pleasant and boosted our confidence. There was a plan finally, that alone was comforting. It was intense, I must admit. And there were times that I thought it must work for other children but not for our little lady. At those moments it was very nice to be able to speak Susanne. She knew how to keep us going and motivated us to persevere. Slowly we saw big changes. Now she sleeps through the night. And when she is slightly awake in the early morning she mostly falls back asleep without help. Daytime was more difficult for her but she has mastered the skill here as well and sleeps all by herself for 1.5 hours twice a day. Because of Susanne‚Äôs coaching we have our lives back and have an even happier girl at home. She also since rapidly develops now her sleep is of better quality. It’s wonderful to have time for ourselves again and therefore we enjoy and appreciate our time with our little girl even more! Thanks Susanne! – Hanneke & Thijs

After 2.5 years of struggling at¬†night and basically having tried¬†everything¬†(swaddling / co-sleeping / consultatiebureau¬†/ ‘cry-it-out’¬†/ controlled crying¬†/ sleeping in the attic with one of the twins ) we sought help from Susanne for our twin girls.¬†The coaching was well suited to our situation and children and was a¬†personal process with proper guidance from Susanne. She is easily accessible for questions and provides daily¬†feedback. The¬†process was quite intense, especially the first week because it is so comprehensive – we had to adjust our schedule and think ‘sleep’ all day. More over you learn a lot about yourself and your children. Susanne¬†is¬†knowledgeable and very professional and committed. After three weeks of coaching both our girls slept through the night until at least 6 am in their own beds without us lying next to them!¬†What a¬†relief. ¬†We are very very happy. – Ilse & Robert

During the coaching process we engaged on a daily basis, adapted the sleep plan to Otis‚Äô response and sleep behavior ‚Äď further it was all about consistency. I can proudly say this has been the key to success: MY CHILD CAN SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! Hooray for Otis! After he would wake up screaming every hour or stay awake for hours in a row the last two years, my little prince learned to fall asleep on his own and sleep through the night without any help! Fantastic! The result I was hoping for… I’m super grateful to Susanne – this is a dream come true after all these sleepless years!¬†– Claudia, founder Oh yeah baby!

Fien – nearly three ‚Äď had slept poorly since she was a baby. She was awake often, cried a lot and was a restless sleeper. She kept waking up at the night after her first birthday. Sometimes once sometimes 5 or 6 times. Fien now sleeps by herself all night. We are very happy with the coaching: the combination of theory about sleep, the customized sleep plan, practical tips and daily feedback worked very well for us and was executed in a very pleasant way. Thanks for the great assistance. – Marije & Ferry

Our son who was 17 months at the time, unfortunately, did not sleep well which resulted in very tired parents. After reading the article on The Sleep Agency in Het Parool newspaper I knew this would be our solution. Our sleepless nights be over and this happened for a fact! After an intensive week of training our son slept through the night. Truly amazing! Who knew that easy to follow tips, a flexible schedule and proper guidance could make the difference, I could have never dreamed for this change. Sleep seems something so natural and obvious. Well, it should be. But getting the help to achieve good sleep is (in some cases ) inevitable. The Sleep Agency is a godsend for anyone who recognizes sleep issues with their children! РMeis & Diederik

After more than seven months of sleepless nights and holding¬†our daughter to sleep at bedtime and for all naps and night wakenings, we reached the point of exhaustion. We had already tried a lot but nothing helped, in fact nights became even¬†worse. Susanne’s column on social media immediately caught my eye¬†and I recognized this could be our solution. After a brief period of hesitation – could this actually¬†work? – I gave Susanne a call and we scheduled the personal consultation the following week . After night one¬†we saw improvement already! And she slept through the night at the end of the coaching period! Unbelievable! We taught our daughter to fall asleep by herself in a gentle and loving way. Now we feel rested¬†again, fit and energetic and capable of working out and meeting up with friends – it literally feels like I have my life back again. And Mikki can finally sleep over at her grandparents. We are so glad we took the decision to start sleep coaching, Susanne¬†helped us so much and got us through at difficult times. I would recommend her¬†to everyone in a heartbeat! ¬†– Femke & Rocco

Unlike his big sister, baby George has trouble falling and staying asleep. Because he is still too young to sleep coach we have been sleep shaping him for the past few weeks. It has helped us cope with the current situation and prep our son for the next step. Susanne is extremely gentle, reachable at all times and a master in coming up  with instant and practical suggestions. She understands how we feel and that makes all the difference. I cannot wait to start the Sleep Coaching program with Susanne! РFelicia & Corné

After 8 months of sleepless nights, I was at my wits end. Working with Susanne was amazing, she is a true professional and very passionate. So happy with the result, River is now a happy boy and a great sleeper! ‚Äď Marielle & Dan