Additional coaches The Sleep Agency

Loes van Rijn – Amsterdam

Mijn naam is Loes van Rijn en ik ben sinds 2018 gecertificeerd Gentle Sleep Coach. Ook ik ben een voormalig slapeloze moeder: de twee lange jaren met twee slecht slapende kinderen zorgde ervoor dat we niet meer normaal konden functioneren. Gelukkig was daar Susanne en met haar hulp sliepen we allemaal binnen een paar weken weer volle nachten. Een life changer!
Deze ervaring gunde ik meer ouders, ik besloot op te laten leiden tot Gentle Sleep Coach en me bij The Sleep Agency aan te sluiten als kinderslaapcoach. Nu combineer ik het coachen van families met mijn werk als onderzoeker en docent aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam bij de afdeling Pedagogische Wetenschappen. Het volop in de praktijk meedraaien en gehele gezinnen meer slaap en rust te bezorgen, naast mijn werk in de wetenschappelijke toren, geeft een enorme energie boost.

Jorinde Dumans – Haarlem (on maternity leave until February 2022)

After working as a lawyer for 7 years, I was ready for a new chapter in my life and completed the Gentle Sleep Coach training in 2019. I have two daughters who are almost 1.5 and 3 years old. I know all about sleep deprivation and what you gain with finally sleeping well again. The world looks totally different when you are rested! I have always been drwan to the power of sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for both your physical and psychological health. As a mother, I am also aware of the effects of (lack of) sleep for an entire family. The great thing about my work is that coaching has a positive effect on both the child and the parents. I think it is very valuable that I can help parents with this piece of the puzzle and I enjoy doing it!





Jooske van Bogerijen – Laren

I am Jooske van Bogerijen, certified Gentle Sleep Coach, mother of three kids and quite experienced myself when it comes to broken nights and coaching your child. After messing around with our oldests sleep for two years and eleven months with the middle one, we ended up coaching with The Sleep Agency due to a tip from friends. My husband and I still agree even years later that working with Susanne was the greatest gift we could give ourselves back then. Life looks totally different when rested and I wish that for everyone! And that is exactly the reason I got myself trained and certified to help parents with one of the most vital things in life: a good night’s sleep.





Megan van der Horst – Rotterdam

My name is Megan van der Horst, certified Gentle Sleep Coach and soon to graduate Child and Youth psychologist (MSc). Within my network, more and more families obtained advice concerning sleep difficulties of their offspring which made me decide to specialize in sleep coaching to teach babies and children the vital life skill which they will profit from their entire lives. I decided to start the Gentle Sleep Coach training and join The Sleep Agency team. In addition to my work as Gentle Sleep Coach, I am finishing in the last phase of my master’s degree as a Child and Youth psychologist by doing an internship in the Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam. I’m not yet a mom, but believe me, I’ve witnessed how sleep deprivation can affect parents (and children) and I’ll do everything in my power to help you get your sleep back!