Meet the Sleep Coach Susanne

My name is Susanne Willekes, a former sleepless mom and a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, since July 2015 . Being the first Dutch Child Sleep Consultant, I feel lucky to work with so many families to reclaim their restful nights and in many cases, sanity.

I’m a mother of three and suffered from acute sleep deprivation with our eldest son. For months I could barely function like a normal human being. Having tried all possible sleep methods out of sheer desperation, I also became professionally interested and discovered the Gentle Sleep Coach Program. After a law degree and 12 demanding years in sales, marketing and PR, it was time to switch lanes and follow my heart. I made my ultimate childhood dream a reality: working with families and making a difference in people’s lives.

I now wake up every day knowing I get to help sleepless families get through one of the toughest challenges of parenthood. It doesn’t get any better than that.